We've been full-time RVers for nearly a year - moving regularly and traveling from hot to cold weather and back. These are the items that have made our journey easier.

This cord spooler is a game changer.  It's easier to manage those unwieldy shore cords when you don't have a dedicated compartment.

spooler for our electrical cord

bladder for extended boondocking

Boondock? Our family of 4 can go about 3 days on a 66 gl water tank, but this water bladder along with pump can extend our time in nature.

Not just for swimsuits! Drying sweaters, shoes left in the rain and more. It folds flat and neatly for basement storage.

foldable laundry drying rack

waste tank gate valve

Leaky black/gray water valves are a nuisance and gross!  This extra external valve is your second line of defense when you remove the cap. No more buckets - no more cleanup.  This add-on is a must. 

Traveling with kids? The first thing you want to do is put locks on your bedroom and bathroom doors!

door knobs with locks

bpa-free shatterproof  wine glasses

This is for red wine; there is also options for white. Just because you're camping with plastic doesn't mean you have to skimp on your glass.

Kids? Bathroom breaks, wet swimsuits....it's hard to clean a foam mattress. Get it before you need it.

RV mattress protectors

quick connect propane hose

Dan connected this to our propane firepit so that it can always be connected to our quick-connect propane valve outside. He did have to split the wire and reconnect with electric tape, but it is 100% easy and worth the effort.

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