7 Reasons Even Non-Golfers Love Topgolf Atlanta

Earlier this month I went on a whirlwind weekend tour of Alpharetta, and had the pleasure of spending the evening at Topgolf. Whether you pick Top Golf Atlanta or Alpharetta, you’re going to have a blast. I knew I would have fun (good food, good friends, etc) but I was genuinely blown away with how much fun we had. Here are seven reasons why you can’t miss Topgolf!


Topgolf is great for the whole family. There is a KidZone area with video games, a pool table, lounging couches and more. It’s a great place to hang out while waiting for a bay. It’s on the bottom floor, away from the bar (but mom and dad can still bring a drink.) Don’t miss the Topgolf KidZone tournaments and camps, too.

The food at Topgolf is amazing! It’s general pub fare, but the quality is beyond compare. I would definitely consider dining here even if I were not playing. Everything is made in house, including the salsa and guac. The nachos are a crowd pleaser – oversized chips covered with beans and cheese (and chicken, steak or brisket if you like!) Flatbread pizzas are huge and yummy, too. If you have a burger-lover in the family then get The Mac Daddy. It’s a crazy-awesome burger topped with green chili mac-n-cheese and pepper jack cheese. YUM!

Bonus tip: Brunch is available on weekends and holiday Mondays. Try eggs benedict or carmalized French toast while the crowds are past and the morning is fresh.

Seating in theTopgolf bay area is super flexible. The cushioned chairs are very clever and easily rearrange to accommodate an intimate group or a large gathering. An outing with your significant-other, a double date, a large family or a huge group of friends can be easily- and comfortably –accommodated.

No reservations are required at Topgolf. They are not even accepted, for that matter. No worries, games last about an hour and there are over 100 bays. Any wait you have will go fast, plus there is plenty to do while in the meantime. Have a drink from one of the bars- including the awesome rooftop bar –or play pool. You can order dinner ahead of time, and eat in the dining area, too.

Topgolf is easy to learn. As a non-golfer, I was a bit intimidated by the game and all the rules. Turns out that the general game is pretty easy to understand. Whew! Want to make the game even more enjoyable? If you don’t golf, I highly recommend the TG20. It’s a quick $20, 20-minute lesson, and I guarantee it will make the night 100-times more enjoyable. Just ask for it when you get there. If you are already a golfer, then you might want to check out the HD Video Analysis they offer.

Topgolf is outdoor fun for a rainy day. Topgolf is played on one of three levels in the “outdoors.”  But it is in a covered, sheltered area that makes it safe to play during rain or even a storm. So even on a dreary day, it’s a great way to get some Vitamin D and fresh air. Your golf game doesn’t have to suffer with the rainy weather, and it’s a way to keep the kids happy when forecast is gloomy.

Finally, Topgolf is coming to Midtown! If you live ITP then this is a spectacular option. Top golf Atlanta will open August 14 and it offers all the same great food and fun. It will also have the rooftop patio, the perfect way to welcome Fall.






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Disclosure: Many thanks to #AwesomeAlpharetta and Topgolf for hosting us. The opinions here are, as always, only my own and right from my heart! #keepingitreal