Tentrr: Everything You Need To Know From Our Camping Adventure (Video)

What’s the worst part about camping trips? For me, it’s the tent. If someone were to select a gorgeous camping location and set up my tent for me, it would make life easier.

Tentrr to the rescue! We were honored to be the first campers at Tentrr’s first signature location in Georgia. Here is everything you need to know.



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Think of Tentrr as the “AirBnB of Camping” if you will. You reserve a designated Signature location on private property for as low as $75 per night, and they handle the hard parts. Also, all the Tentrr campsites are posted by private landowners..something new even if you think you’ve seen all of Georgia!

What’s lovely is that every Signature Site offers something special so that you are always camping in style…like the blueberry farm we mention below…so keep reading.


A Signature Site comes with a large canvas tent (just like the one above.) It’s waterproof – yay – and erected on a large deck, off the ground!

Inside you’ll find a raised queen size bed with an air mattress. Some photos show a Tentrr site with bunk beds..please note they aren’t offering that any longer.

If you are bringing the kids, like we did, then look for a location that also includes a Dome tent. We slept in the canvas tent while the boys roughed it in the regular pop up tent with their sleeping bags and backpacking cots.

Tentrr: Everything You Need To Know From Our Camping Adventure (Video)


Your Signature Setup also includes a loo.

You heard me…a camping toilet.

It’s the coolest thing ever! Inside the tent is a box with a hole in it…and a normal toilet seat on it. Inside the hole is a bucket…and inside the bucket you add special NASA-designed liners.

I had my doubts. Seriously. But it worked so well!

You go to the bathroom in the bag, which contains sand-like particles that capture the liquid (or solids) and eliminate the smell. Just seal it up and toss it in the garbage can (outside the tent!) Voila! Camping is even better!

There is also a sun shower…picnic table with seating…chairs for the campfire…potable water for drinking, cleaning, etc…a firepit…and more!

It could not get any easier!


I feel inclined to tell you what it is NOT, so that your expectations are appropriate.

It is not air conditioned…though we were wonderfully comfortable in June in our tents.  There is a small ventilated wood burning stove in this location that can heat the tent during colder seasons.

You’ve got a “toilet” and a “shower” – but there is no plumbing.

There is no electricity, and we were not able to get dependable cell service with Sprint.

It isn’t full service. You’ll make your own fire. Depending on the add-ons you pick (see below) and the campsite, you might be putting up and taking down the dome tent, bringing your own bed sheets, etc.

It’s not the Ritz-Carlton. This is still camping…but better.

Editor Note: As the number of Tentrr sites have grown, so have the services and amenities. Since our original stay we have found that there are a few places that offer A/C, heating and electricity.


Each Signature Site comes with certain amenities for an extra fee — you can take them or leave them — and each site offers different options.

We’ll tell you more about the ones at this location in a bit…but some add-ons you might run across include sheets for the bed, an ice chest, kayak rentals, and more.

Editor Note: Tentrr recently partnered with Coleman to offer Coleman Outfitted sites. Look for those during your search – I haven’t seen that it adds more to the price…. but they do offer some really cool camping gear and gadgets.


Besides Signature Sites, Tentrr also offers Backcountry Sites. These sites are spacious, open plots of land on private property that are prime for Campers that want to experience barebones camping and bring their own tents and gear.


Tentrr: Everything You Need To Know From Our Camping Adventure (Video)

Georgia’s first Signature Site is located on 23 beautiful acres of farming land near Athens, GA. You’re situated on a small hill overlooking 2500 blueberries, 2000 blackberries, and 16 mulberry trees –all farmed without chemical sprays.

The farmers live on site, but your tent is placed on the other side of the property – and we felt very private in our location.

It was lovely to wake up in the morning and walk about the property while the dew was still alive on the bushes…and build a fire in the evening with a spectacular sunset.

If you want to pick a stash of berries (15 lbs we picked!) then please be mindful that this is their family business, and be prepared to pay by the pound….but nibbling on a few berries with a cuppa joe in hand in the morning is delightful!


We payed the extra $10 for them to handle sheets for the bed, because we have a King bed and not a Queen…and it was one less thing to hassle with.

As you can imagine on a farm, food is the theme of most add-ons here and we recommend you try at least one (if not all) the options.

Select from a simple or hot breakfast, a lunch or picnic basket, or dinner with the owners of the farm.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner with them, in their home. I loved meeting the family, learning about their farm and how they came recently from a pomegranate farm in Australia, to make Lexington, Ga their home.

Our dinner included grass-fed roast, fingerling potatoes, zucchini and carrots…and blueberry crumble with ice cream for dessert. SO YUMMY. If that’s not your thing, no worries. I spoke with the owners beforehand about dietary restrictions, allergies, preferences, etc.

The U-pick farm is open Wednesday and Saturday…if you want to pick baskets of berries like we did (you do! trust me!) then that is an extra charge that is not on Tentrr because it is based on weight. Like I said, we went home with about 15 lbs of berries…plus garlic and honey from their bees.


Tentrr: Everything You Need To Know From Our Camping Adventure (Video)

So what do you do while camping here?

My first recommendation is berry picking, of course! And as the sun was setting, the boys loved playing hide and seek among the bushes near our tent.

We also roasted marshmallows and played camping games…and we took a few adventures.

Our most fun adventure was to Watson Mill Bridge State Park, where we hiked the short trail and spent a long time riding the natural water slides here (see the video above for more info.) The park is about 20 minutes from your camping site. Bring cash or check for the $5 per car parking fee…and bring a few towels to dry off.

We also ventured into Athens…about 30-40 minutes from your campsite. Our older kids live here so we visited with them by roaming the campus, eating dinner at Trapeze Pub (so yummy!) and playing at the World of Wonder playground.

If you’re looking for other things to do in the area, see our post about Things to Do in Athens and Where to Eat in Athens.


Tentrr: Everything You Need To Know From Our Camping Adventure (Video)
A good view of the setup…adirondack chairs, fire pit, picnic table, extra tent, lots of smiles!

Tentrr operates in 41 states + Puerto Rico so there are plenty of places to lay your head with the same high-quality camping experience we received in Georgia. If you’re are in Atlanta (or coming to visit) then here are some of locations to check out.

Buffalo Creek Berry Farm is our preferred Tentrr location, but there are a number of other locations in the Southeast to choose from.

This Talking Rock location is the newest in Georgia. It’s on a cattle farm and includes AC and heat.

This one is near Ellijay, so it’s great in Fall when the apples are ready to pick! Or for those doing a DIY wine tour of the area.

Bear Claw Ranch is in Pine Mountain near Callaway Gardens and FDR State Park.

Little Racoon Key is a spectacular Tentrr Partner site located near Jekyll Island on the Georgia Coast. Partner Sites are not equipped with the typical Tentrr accommodations but are well vetted and can be booked through Tentrr like everything else.

There are two other “backcountry” sites in Georgia: Five Bridges River View near Enigma, GA and Private Woods, Mountain View near Ellijay. Backcountry Sites are primitive camping locations on private land where you bring your own gear.

See all the Georgia Tentrr sites by clicking this link

Also check out this beautiful Signature Site just over the border near Old Fort, Tn with gorgeous sunrise and sunset views in the mountains….or Cove Creek Farm, a Signature Site north of Chattanooga, Tn that is on a regenerative farm.

Drive a bit further to the Asheville, NC area and visit the Signature Happy Tales Campsite located inside of a working animal sanctuary.

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