4 Reasons A Small RV Is Great For a Vacation

When planning a family vacation, the options are almost endless. Most people think of heading to a beach location or going to a theme park, but an often overlooked vacation idea is hitting the road in a small RV.

Notice I said small RV. There’s a big difference in road tripping in a big tour bus style RV compared to a smaller, more compact motorhome. When you’re in a bigger RV, logistics can become a bit of a nightmare. Even getting gas can be a challenge.

Here are a 4 reasons a small RV is a great choice for a family vacation.

Ease Of Driving

The first thing people think of when considering an RV vacation is, “how am I going to drive that thing?”. People think worst case scenario of bumper to bumper traffic, low bridges and narrow roads, not to mention parking it.

With a small RV, this is not an issue at all. If you’re used to driving a small car, there might be a slight learning curve when adjusting to a bigger vehicle, but overall, it’s not much different than driving a car.

We downsized from one of those huge bus style RV’s to a 23′ Class C RV, the kind with the overhang over the cab area, and it is narrow enough to fit in a regular parking space. Getting in and out of gas stations, parking lots and camp sites is no problem at all.

Camp Anywhere

With a small RV, there really aren’t any limitations when it comes to camping or finding an RV park. State and National Parks usually have a limit on how big an RV can be because the campsites just aren’t that big.

Smaller RV’s don’t run into this problem. Typically, RVs under 30′ long are welcome at pretty much any park.

If you’re more adventurous, small RV’s also have the ability to get off the beaten path a bit more. Especially in the western United States, BLM land (Bureau of Land Management) is a great option to get out in nature and enjoy untouched beauty. The best part is this land is free for public use.

Cheaper Than A Hotel

RV travel is a relatively inexpensive way to enjoy a vacation. RV parks are normally less expensive than a hotel and is a great way to connect with nature.

There are expenses when staying in an RV, like gas money and campground fees, but overall, an RV road trip usually ends up being cheaper than a flight and hotel stay.

Another major perk for small RV’s is the gas mileage is much better than that in a big RV. Believe it or not, our Class C gets about 18 miles per gallon! That’s better than our car. We have a 5 cylinder Mercedes diesel, so gas mileage varies among RVs, but I’m very happy with what we’re getting.

Better Than A Tent

A lot of us grew up camping. In the woods. In a tent. In the rain. Well, let me tell you, camping in an RV is a major upgrade! I thought blow up mattresses were great, but an RV is a game changer.

You’re off the ground in an actual bed and have a solid roof over your head. Also having heat and air conditioning is a huge plus.

All these comforts from home while you’re out in nature is a win-win.

For your next vacation, I’d definitely recommend considering a road trip in a small RV. And if you don’t own or you aren’t ready to buy one there is always the option of renting an RV.

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4 reasons a small rv is great for a vacation! There's a big difference in road tripping in a big tour bus style RV compared to a small RV which is more compact on your family road trip.

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