These Atlanta RV Delivery Options are a Dream!

I know that social distancing is a small price we have to pay to keep our community safe, but I can feel the four walls closing in fast! We also know that Vitamin D is a healthy immune booster for those of us who are not sick, which is why we are spending as much time outdoors as possible.

With a little brainstorming and research, I’ve discovered a way to safely escape to the great outdoors for an extended time. These eight RV rentals will give you some relief! They all offer DELIVERY to (at least) Amicalola Falls State Park RV Area, and possibly further afield.

And what about cleanliness?

Outdoorsy owners are required to meet their high standards of safety and cleanliness, which includes cleaning vehicles with disinfectant and antibacterial/antiviral cleaner according to CDC recommendations before and after each rental to help prevent the spread of germs between travelers. But hey, it doesn’t hurt to bring your own cleaner, as well.

All Inclusive Teardrop RV Camper

Sleeps: 2

Minimum Nights: 1

Delivery: Within 30 miles (Lawrenceville)

Nightly Price: $65

Farmhouse on Wheels! No delivery fees!

Sleeps: 6 (bunk beds!)

Minimum Nights: 3

Delivery: Within 45 miles (Jasper)

Nightly Price: $125

1963 Trotwood Lark

Sleeps: 3

Minimum Nights: 3

Delivery: Within 30 miles (Chattanooga)

Nightly Price: $50

Airstream 16’ Bambi Sport

Sleeps: 3

Minimum Nights: 1

Delivery: Within 100 miles (Decatur)

Nightly Price $109

Airstream International 27 ft

Sleeps: 5

Minimum Nights: 2

Delivery: Within 100 miles (Atlanta)

Nightly Price $275

Glamper’s Dream

Sleeps: 8

Minimum Nights: 2

Delivery: Inquire

Nightly Price $115

Robin the T@B Tq

Sleeps: 2

Minimum Nights: 7

Delivery: Within 101 Miles of Atlanta

Nightly Price $100

2010 Palomino Popup

Sleeps: 4

Minimum Nights: 2

Delivery: Within 50 Miles of Knoxville

Nightly Price $80

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Lesli Peterson

Lesli Peterson

Lesli made her way to Atlanta over 20 years ago, after living in Germany, Japan and six U.S. states. She relishes the discovery of obscure, offbeat and unwonted places, and she will chat up any willing stranger to uncover a new secret locale.

After 18 years in software development, Lesli bailed on the corporate scene. When she’s not traveling, she’s hiking in the mountains or checking out Atlanta’s culinary scene, whiskey in hand.

Lesli has two kiddos -Cooper and Elliot- plus two bonus kids currently at UGA, and she’s happily married to her soul mate.
Lesli Peterson

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