Pine Mountain Gold Museum – Villa Rica, Ga

Pine Mountain Gold Museum | Villa Rica

Stockmar Park
1881 Stockmar Road
Villa Rica, Ga

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Pine Mountain Gold Museum - ideas from 365 Atlanta Family

Pine Mountain Gold Museum is great for kids of multiple ages.  We started with a tour of the museum where we saw gold miner tools and artifacts, and I had the opportunity to discuss the trade with my older son.  Then we headed out on the trail to see the ruins of the old goldmine town.  This was perfect for my little Minecraft expert.  We saw “Glory Hole” where the major excavations were accomplished, a man-cave, cyanide tanks, dissolving tanks, and old dig sites.  The boys enjoyed the Ore Cart Tower ruins, and imagined rolling down the hills in a wooden box cart.

After our short hike, we made it back to the main area for some gem mining.  The big guy wanted to do gold mining, but they told us that gem mining was easier for the little guys.  Basically, he sifted some sand in some water….but he was happy with his bag of rocks, so who am I to judge? After that, we headed off for the train.  This small train (which reminds me of the train at Zoo Atlanta, if you’ve ever been) was heaven on earth for my youngest.  It took us around the perimeter of the park, showing off a few places we hadn’t seen, like the petting zoo.  It leaves every half-hour. During October there is also a night time ghost train for the younger kiddos…some of the ghosts are gouls are posted along the track, which the boys thought was great….even in the daylight.

We spent about 2 hours here taking everything in.  It felt like a mini- amusement park to the younger kids.  Older kids might think the gem mining and train are to “childish,” but if they are learning about the gold rush in school, then this is a great field trip! Lots of history here.

Pine Mountain Gold Museum - ideas from 365 Atlanta Family

Pine Mountain Gold Museum - ideas from 365 Atlanta Family

Inside the museum

Pine Mountain Gold Museum - ideas from 365 Atlanta Family Pine Mountain Gold Museum - ideas from 365 Atlanta Family

Self guided walking tour

DSC_0270 DSC_0271-2

Grist Mill




Man-way mining pit

DSC_0282 DSC_0284 DSC_0285

Sump tank, which served as a swimming pool in the 40s

DSC_0299 DSC_0300

Gem-mining and Train ride






Little guy looks a little grumpy here, but that is only because I wouldn’t let him ride again!DSC_0329

Disclosure: No one asked, no one paid me.  My little man is a train addict. When I saw an ad for this in Atlanta Magazine, I decided to hit the road. As always, if I didn’t think it was killer, I wouldn’t write about. #keepingitreal

Lesli Peterson

Lesli Peterson

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