The lines were sometimes long, the ride was a bit cheesy (watch the video), the train was small — but it was Macy’s Pink Pig! We just had to do it!

But in September 2021, Macy’s announced Priscilla the Pink Pig was retiring, effective immediately. The Pink Pig was closed in 2020 due to COVID-19, meaning 2019 was the attraction’s last year.

Macy's Pink Pig

From its beginnings as a children’s ride at the downtown Rich’s department store, to its brief stint at the Egleston Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees, five generations of Atlantans have ridden the Macy’s Pink Pig.

Whenever we had out-of-town guests for the holidays, we took them for a Macy’s Pink Pig ride Lenox Square Mall, not because it’s a great attraction, but because the Pink Pig has been a beloved Atlanta tradition for more than 50 years.

We just had to ride the Pink Pig into the holiday season!

If you talk to folks who grew up in Atlanta, they’ll regale you with fond memories of getting dressed up and heading to Rich’s Downtown with their mother to do a little holiday shopping and ride over the toy department on Priscilla the Pig…Percival was added later. That was before Rich’s closed and the Pink Pig train ride moved to Macy’s Lenox Square.

I first encountered the Pig Pig at the Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees, a now defunct fundraiser. At that time they were still using Priscilla, which is an enclosed pig (you can see Priscilla behind the train in the picture below). I’m still impressed I was able to get in the car as an adult, and more importantly — get out!

Saying Goodbye To The Pink Pig

Since 2003, Priscilla, the Macy’s Pink Pig, had been running on a track beneath a 170 foot, 1950’s themed Pink Pig Tent at the Lenox Square Mall upper-level parking deck near Macy’s.

The ride took you through a very pink life-sized storybook that included the original Pink Pig. It wasn’t quite as magical as the 50’s memories, but it was an Atlanta tradition and we embraced it.

Macy’s released a letter on behalf of Priscilla on September 30, 2021 that said, “For more than 50 years, I’ve had a memorable ride with many generations of Atlantans who know my arrival at Macy’s Lenox Square marks the beginning of the holiday season,” the letter reads. “From my debut in the ‘50s at Rich’s downtown store to my brief stint at the Egleston Children’s Hospital Festival of Trees to the winding track beneath the 170-foot Pink Pig Tent at the Lenox Square, I treasure the friends I’ve met from near and far and am proud of the iconic holiday tradition I’ve become.”

“Thank you for joining me along my colorful, storybook adventure and making me part of your holiday traditions,” the letter reads. “All my love, Priscilla, Macy’s Pink Pig.”

Priscilla had been a long time supporter of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, with a portion of the proceeds from the ride donated to the hospital each year. As a farewell gift from Priscilla, Macy’s donated $20,000 to CHOA.

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