Lakepoint Station: Expect A World Of Fun In Cartersville

Personally I have an extreme fear of heights; my daughter on the other hand sincerely believes she is a flying squirrel. Needless to say, when I heard that the new Lakepoint Station in Emerson, just down the road from us, had an epic rock climbing experience, I knew I had to get her over there.

lakepoint station

I honestly did not think that she would be too interested in the rest of what the facility had to offer and I absolutely did not anticipate that my husband and I would end up in some fierce laser obstacle course competition.  What I thought was going to be a short evening of watching the kiddo scurry up the rock climbing walls turned into four hours of family fun. Now my daughter AND my husband are hooked and cannot wait to go back!

Lakepoint Station is located just off of Interstate 75 in Emerson, Georgia and is situated in the larger Lakepoint Sporting Community. The facility features a variety of family entertainment that is themed around the railroading and mining industries prevalent in the history of the area.

All throughout your experience you can see cues to the area’s history, beginning before you even walk in the door with a train car in the parking lot. My daughter picked up on it faster than I did and started asking a lot of great questions about the railroads and mining industries just a few miles from our hometown.

Rock Climbing

As soon as you walk in, you are faced with a phenomenal rock climbing area. Before you ever clip-in though, the staff has you watch a short safety video. Afterwards, each climber is accurately fitted with the appropriate harness. The friendly, well-trained staff walked us through every wall and climbing structure, advising us on which structures were best suited to her age and ability.

They really took time to guide my daughter and instruct her on paths and techniques. At the beginning of her experience, she would get several feet off the ground, panic at her height and loose her focus. After their gentle coaching, she was conquering structures I truly did not expect to see.

She was SO proud by the end, after about 20 attempts, when she finally made it to the top of her favorite structure and the staff was cheering for her. Her self-confidence went through the roof in just one visit.

Even my husband got in on the fun! I have known him all my life and never would have expected him to go rock climbing, let alone enjoy it. The staff was equally encouraging to him and he thoroughly enjoyed himself. We ended up with some great videos of my daughter and husband racing to the tops of walls and my daughter overcoming her fears.


As they were wrapping up their rock climbing, I started touring the arcade that has 50 games to choose from and ran across my personal passion: ski ball. Most of the games give tickets redeemable for merchandise. This was my daughter’s first experience at a real arcade.

My husband grew up loving arcades and had a blast showing her all of his childhood favorites. Although she was less impressed with my ski ball and was baffled by my excitement over it, my husband and I relived some of our dating memories with a pretty intense ski ball competition where I might not have exemplified very sportsman-like conduct for my little one. I will be back if only to brush the dust off my ski ball skills!

Mini-Golf Courses

To access the rest of the facility, you exit out just behind the rock climbing area. Outside there are two beautiful 18-hole mini-golf courses. I LOVE the theming around these!

The first is the Lakepoint Train course that is designed to mimic the landscape of Amicalola Falls in the north Georgia mountains. This course includes playing through a train box car and takes you to a replica of Amicalola Falls. Factoids about Emerson and Bartow County are sprinkled in along the way as well.

The other 18-hole course is mining themed. Golfers get to play under the waterfall and play around a real 100-year old mining cart! Here too you will get all sorts of fun information about the mining history of the area as you play through.

While you are playing outside, be sure to get in some gem mining in the Lakepoint Mining Company Gem Dig. A choice of six different packages include real precious or semi-precious stones, fossils or even baseball cards. You are guaranteed to find something so no fear of anyone being disappointed with their dig. They use a gem mix that contains 20 types of easily identified types of precious and semi-precious stones for each miner.

In a separate facility next to the outdoor mini-golf, you will find a fun third mini-golf option. Miner Jim’s Black Light Odyssey was my daughter’s favorite. With just nine holes, this was a great course for my four year old. It was less difficult and the shorter course kept her engaged with all of the fun black lighting and glowing wall art to mimic being down inside of a gem mine.

Anytime you say black light, I’m in, so my husband and I enjoyed this one with her as well. I would definitely recommend this course for families with little ones. It is indoors so it is heated or cooled, the theming is really engaging, it is just short enough to keep their attention, they cannot loose their uv coated golf ball and it is confined so the little bitties are not running all over the place. Also no fear here of your tiniest trying to take a dip in the waterfall!

Laser Adventure

Hands down my husband and I most enjoyed Miner Jim’s Laser Adventure. After completing the maze of mirrors, with a four year old leading us which was hilarious, we exited next to the laser room. Neither my husband or I had done one of these growing up, so the staff probably had a good laugh while watching the TV screens hanging outside the room.

Originally I sent my husband and daughter into the room to do a race where they have to work together to hit all the laser beams in a timed event and I waddled over to the nearest bench. The staff then showed my husband, always eager for a challenge, a Mission Impossible style laser obstacle course.

After I nearly fell off my bench laughing at him, the gauntlet was thrown down. For the record, I am seven and half months pregnant so if there is video of this, it must be hysterical! This was seriously the most fun I have had in a long time! We went back and forth trying to top each other’s scores.

By the end, we were both tucking in loose clothing, removing jewelry and stretching out before entering the room; anything we could do to ever so slightly improve our last score. Luckily for me, 15 years of yoga paid off and I am counting the days until I can go back after having the baby and really school my husband!

Laser Tag

In the same building, upstairs is a huge laser tag room. My husband had grown up playing laser tag, but this was mine and my daughter’s first experience. Being a sci-fi lover this experience pushed all the right buttons for me and my husband was acting like a teenager again.

Retrospectively….not the best idea to take my sensitive four year old daughter into this particular attraction, but live and learn! After a few minutes she and I had to bail and I received a stern lecture from her about how we are not supposed to play with guns.

The staff was awesome though and let my daughter and I play in the maze of mirrors again while one of the staffers played laser tag against my husband. This is another one I cannot wait to go back and do when we have someone else along who can take my kiddos while I annihilate my dear husband.

Where To Eat

Originally I anticipated this outing only taking a couple of hours and being primarily geared towards my daughter. Obviously though Lakepoint Station has a lot to offer and drew in the whole family. By the end, we had definitely worked up an appetite.

Like most four year olds, my daughter is a pizza fanatic and had already spotted St. Angelo’s Pizza beside the arcade. Honestly, I really tried to talk her and my husband into going elsewhere. Being 7 1/2 months pregnant, the sound of greasy arcade food did nothing for me. I ended up eating my words along with some awesome hot wings though!

The food was legitimately good! Not just good for an arcade, but the kind of restaurant we would go to regularly whether we were going to Lakepoint Station or not. The pizza was great and my husband loved the wrap that he got. He was particularly excited that they offered a good selection of craft beer with some local breweries represented.

They also have a selection of wine I will be taste testing as soon as I’m done gestating! The prices were reasonable and the service was great. We happened to be there on a Tuesday so we caught trivia night which was a lot of fun. Tuesday’s also feature $6.00 calzones.

Wednesdays you can get either a free order of garlic knots or cinnamon rolls when you order any large pizza. Thursday is family night and kids meals are just $1.99! Also check the board when you come in for nightly drink specials.

Frozen Yogurt

After that great meal, there is no better way to top it off than with a yummy, healthy treat. Lakepoint Station also has an attached Yogli-Mogli Frozen Yogurt right there in the building. As a mom, I love having access to quick, easy, inexpensive and HEALTHY snack that my kid is excited about!

Hours and Prices

Lakepoint Station is closed on Mondays and is open Tuesday through Thursday noon to 10:30 PM, Friday noon to 11:30 PM, Saturday 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM and Sunday 12:30 PM to 10:30 PM.

Pricing is either al carte or personally I like the Triple Play Option. For $18.00 you can choose three attractions: either Clip n’ Climb (rock climbing experience), Laser Maze (3 plays), Mini Golf, Black Light Golf and Mirror Maze or Gem Mining.

Otherwise you can pay as you play as follows: Clip n’ Climb $10.00, Laser Maze $10.00 for 3 plays, Mini Gold $8.00, Mirror Maze $3.00, Black Light Gold $5.00 and the Gem Mining packages range between $7.95 and $12.95. Arcade games are individually priced at $0.25 per credit or you can pre-purchase a loaded credit card ranging from $5.00 for 20 credits to $100.00 for 620 credits.

Lakepoint Station is a great option for hosting a birthday party, class party, graduation party, office party or school field day. While we were there we met a group of 20 co-workers there for a team building outing.

There are a variety of packages on offer to fit your needs beginning at $279.00 for 10 people ($35.00 per extra person). All party packages will include a Lakepoint Station host to help with your party, St. Angelo’s pizzas, drinks, a party room (length of time in the party room will depend on which package you choose), access to attractions (how many and which attractions vary by package) and arcade cards (number of credits on arcade cards vary by package).

My family is eagerly looking forward to our next visit to Lakepoint Station. My daughter has told all her friends and our family about her trip and about how she made it to the top of her favorite Clip n’ Climb experience.

She takes gymnastics weekly and before this trip she would either completely avoid the rock climbing wall at her gym or do only the bare minimum because she just did not feel up to the task. Since our Lakepoint Station visit she has so much more confidence in her climbing abilities.

My husband felt like a kid again during our outing and had a blast playing with his daughter just the way he used to play with his friends as a kid. I got some adorable videos of the two of them that we will always treasure. My daughter told us later that she loved seeing her mom and dad play together like kids too. She even told my parents that we all played together like little kids and she had the best time. Lakepoint Station is great place to go be a kid for a day with your friends or your own kids!

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Lakepoint Station has a variety of playful family entertainment themed around the railroading and mining industries that is exceptional fun for everyone.

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