Justice League Battle for Metropolis at Six Flags: My New Favorite

Justice League, Battle for Metropolis is a dark ride that was introduced for the summer of 2017 at Six Flags Over Georgia, and it is the best new addition to Six Flags since Hurricane Harbor.

Why? Well it’s a little like a roller coaster, a bit 4-D, and interactive. It boasts one of the world’s first virtual vertical loops, and according to my friend Amy, like Buzz Lightyear on steroids. Read on for more and a look inside the ride.

Six Flags Over Georgia Justice League: Battle for Metropolis

photo courtesy of Amy Albers

Justice League Battle for Metropolis a Winner

As a kid I had a poster of the Super Friends in my room. I was an avid fan of the show and would have loved to enter the Hall of Justice. I did just that at Six Flags. The Hall of Justice holds the new dark ride Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. This is one you are going to want to ride again and again.

Justice League: Battle for Metopolis puts you in the middle of a battle to save your favorite Super Heroes from the evil villains. The ride is a continuous loading ride, similar to a Toy Story at Disney, or Kingdom Quest at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. The line should move fast, (I went on media day, so wasn’t able to judge) but given that it is new and incredibly cool, I’d expect a wait here. My suggestion, get to the park early and head here first. You will want to ride this more than once.

If you are familiar with the rides mentioned above, than you know you have a gun to shoot at things to score points. There are six guns in each car, each with a different color laser. I found this incredibly helpful in figuring out which beam was mine.

For hints on what to do, listen to the videos in the cue line. I would like to have more monitors in the cue. If the line is moving, you don’t have time to listen to the spiel (or the helpful hints). And even if the line isn’t moving, you have to be right near the monitor to hear what they are saying.

The ride itself has lots of different elements, the gaming element where you shoot the screens with your laser gun is just one. Total there are 11 high-intensity scenes, special 4D effects like wind, fire, fog and gas. There is even a virtual loop that does feel somewhat like going upside down. The car tilts and swings around, moving quite a bit throughout the ride. The 4-D had me backing up in a few places uttering ‘whoa’. There are a few points where you actually go through the screen.

That car movement combined with the 4-D could be a little much for people who get motion sick, but it goes fast – I’d go ahead and try, you can always close your eyes if you need to. In between the video elements are themed vignettes, similar to LEGOLAND Kingdom Quest, except these come at you, a shelf of barrels falling, and there is even real fire!

This ride has replaced Dare Devil Dive as my favorite at Six Flags Over Georgia.

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I loved the new dark ride Justice League: Battle for Metropolis at Six Flags Over Georgia. It's exciting for lots of different age groups too and you get to shoot the bad guys! This article tells you want you need to know (and lots of tips for a great day at Six Flags too!

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