Hodgepodge: Why You Need This Unique Coffee Shop In Your Life

OK, close your eyes and imagine this: A coffeehouse, with a real espresso bar, organic coffee, fabulous art, free wifi…..and a large play section of children’s toys and books in the corner. Nope, not a dream.  This is Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in East Atlanta.Hodgepodge Coffeehouse

We dropped in with a few friends the other day, and I was ready to move in and call it home.  The coffee is delicious…a feat in and of itself  nowadays.  We ordered chicken salad on a bed of greens.  A few other sandwiches, hummus, and other sweet treats were also available, including paleo brownies!

We walked past a series of fun artwork and used books available for purchase, a “loaner” guitar for those who wanted to play, and toward a large table in the main room.  It’s here you also see the play area, perfect for the kids.

The adults chatted away; the kids played.  The toddlers munched on chips and goldfish…I loved that their mess wasn’t too big of a deal because of the cement floor. It really was heaven…perfect for a mommy escape (with kids.)

Monday’s they offer “Art Attack Kids,”  where your children will be challenged to create an art project on a chosen theme. Story Time with the wonderful Miss Kendria is every Friday at 11am.

I can’t express how much I love this place. It’s become a new favorite. Even if you don’t live in the city, I challenge you to try it out!


Hodgepodge Coffeehouse Hodgepodge Coffeehouse     Hodgepodge Coffeehouse

Disclosure: No one asked. No one paid me. In fact, this is one of those places I’d rather NOT write about because I don’t want to share it.  But….I love you all. As always, if I didn’t think it was killer, I wouldn’t write about. #keepingitreal

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  1. Wow… It is a dream for parents! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hodgepodge is a true community space in our little corner of Atlanta. Great for medium-sized group meetings, too. We’re lucky to have it.

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