Simplicity Meets Sophistication: Oxford’s Debutante Farmer

I was born in Louisiana, lived in multiple countries including 4 years in Japan for High School. I’ve lived here in Georgia for over 20 years. But my heart is in the Mississippi and Arkansas Delta.

It’s where my parents grew up, and their parents never left. If you’re not familiar, Delta living is simple living. It’s a culture about cultivating the earth, living off the land, and being REAL without apologies or misgivings. It’s how I was raised…it’s what runs through my veins.


Last week I had a chance to meet some people from Oxford, Mississippi. Now, Oxford is NOT in the Delta. Oxford is home to William Faulkner and Ole’ Miss. It’s named for the British city of Oxford, and capitalizes on its sophistication, education and cultural class. It is rich with musicians, artisans, and writers…a traveler’s paradise to be sure. But certainly not The Delta.

Except for this one little piece… one strong woman…one very important business – that is making an impact in the culinary scene in Oxford, MS.

Elizabeth Heiskell of The Debutante Farmer.

I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth last week. She is nut (Can I say that??) I immediately fell in love with her. And besides making the best pimento cheese and Bloody Mary’s you’ve ever tasted…she’s a storyteller divine, especially when it comes to her Mississippi Delta roots.

Sue caught her storytelling antics (and pimento cheese recipe) on film, so we’ve added it for you here. It’s longer than our usual video, but you have to hear it. Nothing can do it justice except hearing it yourself.

I love her story about moving from the Mississippi Delta to Oxford…and about how she has fallen in love with her new city.

I love hearing about the vegetables she is growing for stores, events and restauranteurs of Oxford, and how they are coming to use the crops that she and her family are growing.

Please, give yourself a small coffee break and laugh along with us…Listen as she discovers Tara in Oxford, learns how to care for fake lashes and spray tans, handles Barry the wholesaler, and turns her passion for vodka into an award winning product. Oh yeah, and she makes a mean southern pimento cheese at the same time.

Southern Living, Bon Appetit and others are noticing the changing culinary scene in Oxford. It’s even impacting the hotel market, with a new luxury escape, The Chancellor’s House opening this Fall.

Hubby and I are hoping for a winter date night weekend in Oxford soon. We’ll bring you the scoop about staying at The Graduate, visiting Elizabeth at her farm, sharing a drink with Faulkner, grabbing bites at Ravine or City Grocery, and touring “The Most Beautiful Campus” per Princeton Review.

Whether you are more simple or sophisticated (or a little of both, depending on the day of the week) Oxford is a place to add to your bucket list. Can’t wait to bring you more…

PS. Want to try her Bloody Mary Mix?? It’s available at Preserving Place (along with a host of other irresistible yummies.)

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