Magnolia Springs State Park

I visited Magnolia Springs State Park recently while staying at Georgia L Smith State Park, and I could not pass up the opportunity to tell you about it!  They are about 20 minutes from each other, both midway between Macon and Savannah.

Magnolia Springs is home to two interesting and important attractions.  I’ll admit, it was the natural spring that brought me here.  It provides over 7 million (some say 9 million) gallons of water every day.  We walked up to the edge of the spring to peak in.

The water was crystal clear, and the bubbles and different shade of blues made it readily apparent where the spring came forth from under ground.  And then….we spotted a turtle.  Then another, and another, and another!  Soon there were several dozen turtles swimming at our feet, with dozens more making their way across the little lake!  It was like nothing I have ever seen before!

We took the 1/3 mile loop trail around the lake (it follows half the lake, and then meanders into the woods, following the stream created from the spring.)  We also saw two small alligators swimming with the turtles, and dozens of birds.

There is also a wonderful Civil War museum at this park.  It was home to Camp Lawton, one of two POW prisons during the war (the other being Andersonville.)

The artifacts on display were discovered as recently as 2010 and have been called one of the most important finds of recent history.  Touring the museum will bring you one step closer to the limited edition Civil War Jr Ranger Badge, available to celebrate the 150th anniversary.

I took this video a few minutes after we arrived, just as the turtles started heading our way.

Lesli Peterson

Lesli Peterson

Lesli made her way to Atlanta over 20 years ago, after living in Germany, Japan and six U.S. states. She relishes the discovery of obscure, offbeat and unwonted places, and she will chat up any willing stranger to uncover a new secret locale.

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Lesli Peterson

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