Your Ultimate Guide To Conestoga Wagon Camping at The Rock Ranch


We have wanted to camp in a Conestoga Wagon at The Rock Ranch for years, and we finally got the opportunity earlier this spring. It was just as wonderful as I imagined it would be! Here’s the scoop on our stay, but I insist you try it for yourself!

The Rock Ranch is a 1,500-acre working cattle ranch located about an hour south of Atlanta. It was founded by the late S. Truett Cathy, who also founded Atlanta based Chick-fil-A. A visit here feels like you are an invited guest to Cathy’s private farm.

Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch

Getting settled in your wagon

We checked in at The Rock Ranch office to let them know we had arrived. A kind woman led the way through the gate, past the family fun zone and berry picking, and through the cow pastures until we finally reached a circle of wagons.

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Our guide pointed out our wagon, and told us about another group of people who would also be staying in a neighboring wagon that night. Hand washing stations (with water, soap and towels) were set up in two places for us to share with the other campers. A set of port-o-potties were down the hill, also to be shared by everyone, as well as trashcans.

Our guide pointed out our folding table, which included drinking water for our clan. Each wagon also came with its own seating area and campfire ring (complete with plenty of wood and fire starter.) Finally, our guide gave us a plastic bin, which contained paper towels, bug spray, a lantern, plastic cups and more (see photo below.) What a welcome package!

Inside the wagon

Our wagon contained eight bunk beds, complete with a plastic-covered mat for each bunk. Near the front of the wagon, there was ample space to spread out our packs and store our belongings. There were also shelves at each bunk for storing personal items. Because there are so many bunks, we invited Grampa to come along! The price is not based on people, but on the wagon. Bringing another family or a group of friends is a great way to spread the cost over more people, making this an even more affordable adventure.

We each claimed a bunk, throwing down our sleeping bags, blankets and pillows, then we headed back to the play zone area for fun at the ranch. Tip: The wagons have four bunks each, so we were able to double up on our mattresses.

Events at The Rock Ranch

You can have fun at The Rock Ranch every season of the year. We visited during Spring Saturdays, but you might elect to visit during Summer Family Activity Days or Fall Family Fun Days. With a wrist band, we tried cane pole fishing, toured Tiny Town, played at the petting zoo, jumped on the giant pillow, rode in the paddle boats, took the hill slide a few dozen times, rode the train and MUCH MORE.

Here’s a video Sue did of their visit during the fall.

After an afternoon of fun, we were tuckered out and glad that our beds were not too far away.

In the evening

We made our way back to camp, built a fire and made dinner. We opted for hotdogs, baked beans and s’mores (of course!) Behind the wagon was a volleyball net with a ball, so we threw it around for a while. We played tag, watched the cows and listened to stories from Grampa.

If you’d rather not bring your own food, the Rock Ranch can provide a hot dog dinner for $10 per person. You can also book a storyteller and astronomer if you want to keep the kids entertained. My boys were happy just playing in the fire for hours on end.

Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch

Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch

Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch

Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch Conestoga Wagons at The Rock Ranch

Disclosure: Many thanks to The Rock Ranch for hosting my family and me. The opinions here are our own, and it is our opinion that this is a GREAT adventure for the family!! #keepingitreal