An Exciting Opportunity for Budding Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is not for everybody, but it may be for more then we might think. One of our kids doesn’t express too much interest in the idea, but the other doesn’t stop talking about it. From snow shoveling, mowing, and gardening, to selling cologne samples and collectable basketball shoes, he’s got the bug for sure. It can actually be a little exhausting for his already entrepreneured-out parents

Marketing is, of course, always a challenge. For unexperienced parents it can be a little daunting. But there’s good news. Here’s an exciting, new, nationwide opportunity for your Sam Waltons in the making that want a little jump start.

An Exciting Opportunity for Budding Entrepreneurs
Photo by Children’s Entrepreneur Market, LLC

Introducing the Children’s Entrepreneur Market, a new program for kids that will give them a seat at the table at a farmers market/flea market-type environments to sell their wares. There are market’s all over the country, just search your state for the upcoming schedule. We see plenty in the Atlanta metro area.

Once signed up your child will get their own 10×10 booth w/table that they are responsible for. Registration fees vary by market, but prices seem to be around $25 for the first market with discounts for subsequent registrations.

The Children’s Entrepreneur Market is an offshoot of the publisher’s of the Tuttle Twins, a series of kids books designed to teach the importance of entrepreneurs, a free market economy, and morals/ethics. We’re big fans of this series.

From the founders – “The Children’s Entrepreneur Market is an award-winning program that teaches young people about the power of entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership through experiential learning. The markets started in Utah and sold out for five years straight, helping nearly 10,000 kids before expanding to 24 additional states.

Parents and kids everywhere agree that learning and earning in a competitive environment is a unique and fun experience. Kids rise to the challenge of deciding what to sell, creating a booth, talking to customers, and handling money. A growing number of markets showcase returning youth entrepreneurs who desire additional development of their skills and small business.”

Here’s a list of the organization’s core values:

  • Play is the grounds for work and innovation.
  • Instead of telling kids “no”, give them something to say “yes!” to.
  • Kids learn and work better when there’s real money involved.
  • Engaging programs help young people aspire to excellence in all endeavors

In researching the program I was really impressed by some of the guidelines they laid out. In a world where parents do almost everything for their kids, check this out.

  • DO NOT engage the customers, answer questions or handle money.
  • DO help your child do all of those things!
  • Parents MAY NOT prepare or serve food- everything must be done by the child.
  • Sit in the back of the booth and act like you’re not there! At the heart of this experience is for your child to do the selling.

Wow! Where do we sign up?

You can sign up for the Children’s Entrepreneur Market here. Market organizers in Georgia recommend that you follow their Georgia Facebook page for updates on new markets in the area. (Or other regional FB pages)

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An Exciting Opportunity for Budding Entrepreneurs