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Head To Polaris For A Memorable & Romantic Date Night Option

The first rooftop restaurant in the city, Polaris originally opened in 1967 and then closed for a decade in the early 2000s. Recently reopened, the space now boasts a contemporary high-end feel, with a museum-like throwback to the past. Whether you’re enjoying a dinner, or taking in dessert and a nightcap, Polaris is Atlanta’s premier location.

16 Important Things You Should Know About Your Georgia Aquarium Sleepover

The Georgia Aquarium Sleepover…it’s been on my bucket list for YEARS…and we finally did it! Cooper and I packed our suitcase and headed to the aquarium for the experience of a lifetime. Was it awesome? Yes! Even better than I imagined!! We hope our post will inspire you to sign up for an aquarium sleepover, give you the scoop on what to expect when you visit, and offer a few tips for your experience.