Beat the Heat with a Summer Party at Bowlmor Atlanta

Whether you’re throwing the ultimate birthday bash or a celebration for the end of school, Bowlmor Atlanta is the high-end, high-energy place to do it! Here are four reasons why we recommend your next bowling party be with Bowlmor Atlanta!

bowlmor atlanta summer party

Easy online booking for 5-20 people

If you’re like me, you have no time to sit down and plan until the kids are asleep in bed. No worries, you can just grab the computer and book your party online when it’s convenient for you. Pick the party type (kiddo party, teen party, family get-together, scouts, church group, whatever) then pick as estimated number of attendees, and you’re set. Easy peasy. 

Seriously yummy eats

You know me and food! It’s serious business. But this is one of the best things about Bowlmor – delicious meals that are FUN! When we went recently, the chef allowed us to sample the goods, and WOW!

We loved the Bacon Mac n Cheese, 2-foot Coney Island Hotdog, hand breaded chicken fingers and the Twisted Tater Nachos, which were spiral-shaped French-fried potatoes covered with creamy queso, chopped bacon, green onions and a drizzle of crème.

For parties, you can create your own buffet, but we tried two options that I think are way more fun: Behemoth Burger Bash and the Pizza Cake.

The Behemoth Burger (pictured above) is 5 pounds of beef served with lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon and a special sauce. It comes with French fries and a salad, and is perfect for splitting with a large group.

pizza cake

The Pizza Cake (above) is layer upon delicious layer of melted mozzarella, pizza sauce, sausage, pepperoni, and meatballs packed into a nine-inch-tall cake and topped with yet more mozzarella and pepperoni. It’s made for sharing, perfect for parties, and beautiful to behold.

Finally – the pièce de résistance- a S’mores Skillet. It’s a layer of melted milk chocolate and crunchy graham crackers topped with jumbo-puffed marshmallows and a drizzle of caramel all served in a skillet with graham crackers for dipping. Sure, you could do a birthday cake, but this is WAAAAY better!

Check out more about the Party Menu here, there are tons and tons of additional offerings. And, let’s not forget the adults. There is a full bar at Bowlmor, with great treats for the parents (and even Mocktails for the kiddos, if you want to get fancy!) 

Bowling and more

Summer in Georgia can get pretty darn hot, so bringing your party indoors is smart. The kids can bowl with lightweight balls and bumper pads. My kiddos had a BLAST!

But there is more than just bowling. The kids can also take a shot at the Arcade, with old-school treasures and soon-to-be favorites. The brand new arcade features 4-D adventures, interactive dome screens, multiplayer table games like air hockey (which 365 Dad and the boys adored!) 

No prep; no clean up

The best part about a summer party at Bowlmor: there’s no prep and no clean up. After you place your order online, you simply show up, enjoy your kids and party, and then head home to relax! What could be easier than that?


BONUS: Summer Games

Looking for another reason to love Bowlmor Atlanta? Right now you can purchase a Summer Games Pass, which entitles you to three games a day May 23 – Sept 5. Click through for more details.


Disclosure: Thanks to Bowlmor for hosting my family and me. We had a super time, and the food was delicious. If it were not so, I would not share! #keepingitreal

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