This Stunning Aventura Red Is The Ideal Way To Welcome Cold Weather

Aventura Clothing‘s Fall and Winter selections are out, and I am head over heels! This season they introduce soft bamboo jammies, expanded the legging collection, and outdid themselves with comfy outdoor-wear. BUT…it is the new “Biking Red” color that has me swooning

Here are a few of the pieces I fell in love with…

Sela Skirt – It’s similar to the grey one I purchased last year from Aventura. Soft merino wool makes it warm and snuggly. I also love the Nordic-like print. I’m wearing it above with knee socks and boots, but I also adore it with cream leggings – and either way, wearing it with my denim shirt is a must!

Simone Vest – Also pictured above, the Simone Vest makes a great pair with the Sela Skirt…and it is also in Biking Red. A few favorite features about this warm vest are the pockets! and the soft knit collar. The collar is warm, but not too bulky – I’ve worn this vest over the Brandi Sweater (which has a hood) and it was still super comfortable! In fact, you can see me wearing the Brandi Sweater below, too. It also comes in Biking Red – swoon! I’ve got the Oatmeal color on here.


Laurel Skirt – In the photo above I’m wearing the Laurel Skirt in Biking Red (It also comes in black.) There are so many reasons this skirt is front and center in my wardrobe selection…the organic cotton, the 7 asymmetrical buttons…and the subtle cream weave. It’s above the knee but fully lined, and feels fine in our Georgia winters.


All the Fall feels… 🍁 🍂 #aventuralife PC @iamterrib

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Ashford Tunic – I purchased this cozy tunic in black (and honestly, I have worn it every single week since cold weather hit) but it also comes in Biking Red, as you can see above! It’s a merino wool/polyester blend…I like the half-zipper neckline and the adorable gather-detail in the back.


Medallion Night Shirt – JAMMIES! I am so excited Aventura has introduced sleepwear this season. I have the sheep pants and top (let the boys pick for me!) but the Biking Red options like this night shirt are made from the same luscious, soft bamboo/organic cotton blend. Seriously – they are so soft that you’ll want to wear them all day!


Barton Jacket – I do not have this yet, but it’s officially on my wishlist with Santa. It’s all organic cotton, and has the sweetest asymmetrical buttoning details.


One final note – we’re not leaving the men out of this awesome color option!

Courtesy of Ecoths

Ecoths Dax Shirt – 100% organic cotton flannel will have you asking for hugs from your man all day long! It looks great by itself or layered over a henley!


Ecoths Sherman Shirt – Truth Time: This shirt’s reddish detail is actually called Tandoori Spice. It’s another hot color on Aventura/Ecoths this season. Much like Biking Red, it has a red base…but Tandoori Spice has a bit more orange undertone. I had to share because …well, I always love sharing pictures of my sweet husband…but also because it’s another warm color that drives those winter blues away. (And it’s subtle enough that it won’t clash with your Biking Red outfit on date night!) Dan wears this shirt all. the. time. It’s another organic cotton flannel work horse for the man you love!


How You Can Save $$

If you’d like to try Biking Red (or any Aventura/Ecoths item)…email me and will send you back a code. No strings attached. I just want you to have a chance to fall in love with Aventura like I have!


DisclosureI am a proud Aventura Ambassador. I love their mission and clothes..and I know you will, too!

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