Best winter hikes for Georgia families

A great winter hike needs bones…gorgeous tree structures and rock croppings…and water only helps! Here are seven of the best hikes in Georgia to take your family this winter.

Winter Hikes Georgia

Raven Cliff Falls | Helen

This is definitely my #1 selection for winter.  Gorgeous moss, tree roots, and evergreens show their beauty.  The fallen trees allow for a peak at Dodd’s Creek, which runs alongside most of the trail. There is waterfall after waterfall after waterfall, visible from the trail while the trees have shed their leaves.   [Read more…]

Dukes Creek Falls | Helen

Once again, Dodd’s Creek for the win in winter. The forest here is mesmerizing…like a fairytale.  We visited in February, with snow on the ground. The hike is easy and relatively short from the parking lot. We approached from the other direction while staying at a cabin witin Smithgall Woods State Park, which is what the above link recaps. [Read more…]

Springer Mountain | Blue Ridge/Ellijay

We only recently did Springer Mountain, and it was wonderful! Challenging, but worth it. The amazing rock configurations make this perfect for winter.  [Read more…]

Sweetwater Creek State Park | Lithia Springs

The Red History Trail follows the creek, and it is the one to take in winter. The rocks within the water are a beautiful architectural backdrop to the bare hardwoods.  Near the end, the ruins stand more boldly without the ivy of spring and summer.  [Read more…]

George L Smith State Park | Twin City

George L Smith is worth the roadtrip in winter, to paddle the water along the Georgia blackwater. While most conifers are evergreen, the cypress trees lining the pond lose their leaves, showing their arching and distinct bark, from water to sky.  [Read more…]

Blood Mountain | Blairsville

Much like Springer, Blood Mountain easily makes the cut because of the diverse rocky terrain and the fun shelter at the end of the trail. Add to that amazing panoramic views, and you’ve got a winter hike like no other!   [Read more…]

Fort Mountain State Park | Chatsworth

Fort Mountain has amazing views and great historical markers, like the tower and wall. Perfect for viewing in the bare winter season.  [Read more…]

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